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How AI impacting Web Development?

Initially, web developers used to create sites using HTML. But as things start to get more sophisticated, new technology starts popping up. The things which web developers used to do 10 years ago may not be relevant now and things which they are doing may not be relevant after 10 years.

We will witness the rise of new technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence. It will soon automate many of the web design work. We call it Artificial Design intelligence.

Artificial Design Intelligence

Artificial Design Intelligence is a technology that uses machine learning to build a website on its own. It generates a  personalized design on what users want. It offers many plenties of options for further customization afterward. ADI has the capability to produce functional and attractive sites completely without the use of human expertise.


Chatbot becomes the most important property in the last few years in UX. With the rise of complex natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, it becomes more and more convenient for meaningful conversion with visitors that can have a conversation like a person. It enables UX designers to create faster and more convenient personalize the experience.

Voice-based search

Most of the time customer need data quickly and accurately. People sometimes search through the web using digital assistance. The market is also very big. It has been estimated that the number of people that will use digital assistance will be around 1.8 billion by 2021. It is very important to have a good relation to voice conversations between customers and the website. AI-based personal digital assistants such as Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Cortana from Microsoft, and the Google Assistant have proved it’s worth it.

Biggest Advantage of using AI:

Recommended Content: AI will suggest certain videos, articles, blogs, etc to the users based on their past behavior. It will bring confidence to the users they are exploring the content on the site which they prefer and not what imposed on them. AI generate millions of unique versions of homepages and landing pages based on user profiles, preference and tracking data.

Better user experience: Now many customer-oriented websites are beginning to rely on AI to improve the customer experience. It’s is more now reliable than any other method. And it is just the beginning.

The small concerns about using AI:

Privacy: Sometimes many customers feel too hesitant to share all the details and they feel insecure regarding privacy. Any unauthorized collection or inadequate protection of personal data introduces multiple risks. So the website needs to protect these data at any cost.

Human Preference: Despite using the fast response from AI-powered chatbots, some people still preferred human-based interaction. Although this can also be resolved by putting a last question in the chatbot as you are happy with the bot or you need a call from is expert.

Future of AI in web development:

In future client experience will drive more organizations towards AI. It should definitely be received by enterprises considering to improve the User Experience of their websites. it is estimated that it will impact near three-fourths of customer communication in the next decade.


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