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How are AI and IoT changing Schooling?

With the advent of the AI and IoT in the last decade, it changes the way in which we educate, both at school and college level. Tradition methods of teaching are changing drastically, thanks to trends in the latest technologies.

These are the list of things which are impacting day to day activities due to IoT & AI:

  1. Tablet: Previously students have to carry large size textbooks for almost most of the lectures. But now a huge quantity of information available on portable devices like kindle or a tab. Highlight, make a note or whatever a student want.

2) Attendance tracking system: Previouslymostof the time spent on taking attendance and that too more on checking for proxy. But now easy to track attendance by using an RFID tag.

3) Smart Assistance: Here is one of the best use of AI been taking place. AI assistance helps you to know more about activities, event and other info related to school.

4) 3D-Printer: The 3D printing process builds a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design model. It really helps students as they don’t need to rely on the theoretical concept as they can experience practically.

5) Smart Whiteboard: Smart whiteboards help for optimized learning and at the same time engage more students in the education process. Visualization of difficult concepts and immediate access to new information on the click can ensure better and more eager learning.

6) Recommendation Learning: Another great use of AI is recommending the best resources and the career path based on the student preference way of studying. No need to go for the society’s way of career, select the career that suits students.

7) Safety & Security: IoT making schools safer places. Devices such as RFID, wristbands can register students entering and exiting the school premises and also school buses. This measure also helps to prevent intruders and other unauthorized persons entering school premises.

8) Bus Tracking: IoT helping the parents by tracking the school bus at any given moment with a simple tap and get to know the ETA through GPS.

Now, these are some of the ways that IoT and AI have changed the way in a few years. Companies like eduify are already going upfront to provide such an environment. But in the upcoming years, many more facilities will come. Here are some of the few features that we may expect in coming times:

a) Face Recognition: Soon it will be used in a wide range of areas from attendance to book issues, it will more accurate than any other system such as RFID.

b) AI Teachers: AI will soon replace teachers in the form of super-smart assistants with the help of machine learning. They will easily able to identify where the student is laking and where they need any help not only in studies but also in other activities such as sports, emotional etc.


It just the beginning of the new way that the future of education will shift. This decade will show a new and most convenient way of overall development of a student thanks to IoT and AI.


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