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How the rise of the web has shut down jobs in the last decade?

Just imagine the 10 years before, whenever you need to do mobile recharge, you would probably go to the nearest mobile recharge store, but now you can do easily recharge your mobile by using various payment systems such as Paytm, amazon pay, google pay, etc. It’s just one of the examples of how the rise of internet-related technologies disrupted the market. Millions of jobs were lost. Sure many new types of jobs were created but many types of jobs were lost.

Here we will see the different types of jobs that are lost or almost on the verge of lost in the upcoming years. Here we will focus on the jobs that were lost due to internet-related tech services and not on machines related stuff like robots.

1. Travel Agents: A decade goes to book a flight ticket, mostly we connect to the travel agent. Sometimes we see shops open as flight travel agencies. But with the rise of various traveling websites like MakeMyTrip, yatra, Kayak, etc let them close their shops. Only a handful of shops or agents left.

2. Mobile Recharge Shops: As discussed, earlier various mobile recharge shops have almost shut down. With the rise of the online payment system, who wants to go to shops and do recharges. Moreover when you cashback in these payment apps, hardly anyone would bother to go.

3. Mobile Electronics and Bookseller shops: Now don’t get me wrong. There are still plenty of shops are there for mobile electronics and booksellers. But compared to the last decade it’s has been a huge decline. And one of the main reasons is online shopping sites like Amazon,  Flipkart, etc. People get it at a big discount and moreover the return policy is sometimes over a month. Even some premium smartphone brands like OnePlus and books publisher like Pact publication can be bought only online.

4. Newspaper: With the rise of online news content, we see heavy declined in the newspapers. Especially in the English newspaper section. Youth use newspapers for their better English proficiency and for competitive preparation, but now with the invention of various mobile apps which are helping in both, English fluency and competitive edge.

5. Human Translator: Previously this was in good demand, but with the rise of various translation apps like google translator, it’s also become one of the diminishing jobs. Sure they are still in demand but only for big events like big speeches. Even with the rise of various language learning apps like Duolingo, Memerise, etc, people prefer to learn a foreign language from their rather than hiring teacher.

6. Financial Adviser: A decade ago when we wanted to buy stock want to do trading, we used to consult stockbroker and told by taking the advice we told them what stock to buy. But now it’s totally changed. We can perform all of the activities using our mobile apps only. Everything can be performed over the internet only. And the best thing is people no need to give commissions to the stockbroker. The same situations apply to other financial advisers also.

7. Movie DVD shops: A decade ago, we use to buy various DVDs of new pictures that are been released or new albums from various artists. But now on the cost of that one DVD, we can see unlimited movies and music. Thanks to internet streaming and downloading services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. We hardly have seen any DVD shops in the last 5 years.

There are many more examples that you can find on a day to day life. But these are more of the common ones. We will see many more disruptive things that the internet will do in the coming years. Who knows what is coming. Let’s see what this exciting decade going to bring.

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